Individual Empowerment with Collective Abundance. Conscious Food, Healthy People and Peaceful Planet.

Our Vision

Ahimsagram trusts the infinite power of all humans and want it to be expressed fully as we create sustainable and regenerative businesses, with self management practices and healthy interpersonal connections.

We are a Self Managed Teal organisation focussing on bringing wellness inspiring foods to people. We are a living laboratory for practicing and developing collaborative governance practices and integrate Holacracy and principles of Nonviolent Communication(NVC) in our day to day practices.

We build creative recipes and offerings that use wholesome, local and largely organic ingredients  that nourish our body & are easy for the body to digest.

More than 90 percent of our packaging material is bio degradable materiel for packaging our products for take aways, delivery in the Jaipur as well as outstation. To know more about our vision and actions about it go to click here

We deliver to any city pan India. The price is inclusive of the courier charges for any city in India.  In exceptional situations where we cant deliver we will return your payments. 

Reviews & Feedback


It’s amazing that I don't have to compromise on the taste inorder to eat healthy.

Aditi Shrikant

It was a wonderful experience, a lot of soul cooking and sharing with ahimsagram, we are reminded of going back to our roots - A holistic and sustainable way of living. Thank you for this beautiful reminder.

Anurag Maloo

Thank you for initiating this in jaipur. Loved my experience in jaipur and the community here needs you and ahimsagram a great heart symbol.

Arpita Mehta Paliwal

The fact that Team ahimsagram walk the talk!!Constantly trying to make things better than the last time you did it-this is all very inspiring.

Collaborations and Affiliations