Why do we offer sweets on Diwali ?

This is a question to ask, and we will find that we have many reasons to do so.

According to Shammi – “When I pass through sweet shops during festivities and see the crowds, I think of the white sugar, the dairy, transfats, the colours and what not that would be going inside people’s bodies through most sweets, and that too after paying the money that could be hard earned. I am concerned about well being of the people and at systems which bring things in our life and especially food which is ingested by us, in a callous and unconscious ways. Besides people don’t have access to safe foods often and the knowledge which can help them choose foods which bring wellness.”

Prompted by these concerns Ahimsagram wants to bring healthy and safe foods. We are not selling food but this is our way to bring care to you. This is also an opportunity for us to share our knowledge about food and wellness, to open conversations at your home when you bring mithai that is vegan or made with gur or is organic. Ahimsagram is glad for people to learn habits of conscious eating and bring it to their lives. 

So this Diwali, here is our effort to bring in exciting and healthy sweets that are vegan, gluten free, largely organic, made in steel, white sugar free and much more. Besides we have worked hard and learnt from many more friends and community members on how to create wonders while working in our frameworks and cooking principles.  

Besides, Diwali is a festival of wealth and how about being conscious about your health is also seen as a wealth. To make conscious choices, asking people to declare whats in the food that they sell and have they studied the impact of what has been offered by them. We are here to bring you the awareness to prioritise health and see it as a wealth. So lets celebrate the idea of sweets and create sweets which bring well being to you, your family, friends  and communities that can enjoy your support. 

This time again, we bring you our platter, which you can see below and this time we have created a facility of seeing our sweets from our site and ordering it online. This will bring ease to lot of our customers. If you have any problems in ordering online please call us at 9486083163 and we help you deal with your challenge!



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