Sweets, Desserts and Butters

Sweets and desserts are part of our celebrations and gives us a sense of fun and excitement in our lives. Off late the commercial production of these goodies has changed and the material used is often harmful to consume.

Our purpose
Our purpose is to bring safe, wholesome and healthy food to people and we integrate this vision while we design food for joy and celebrations.

*Our Ingredients *
We use gur instead of white sugar, whole some stuff and no refined flour or gluten, we don’t use ghee or mawa which is obtained by denying the calf of its food where both the mother and child are denied being close to each other and enjoy touch. We make things which are conventionally made using Ghee with coconut, peanuts and other oilseeds

We are using an aluminum free baking powder, as most baking powders have aluminum in it, and we want to minimise any stuff which is not meant for the body.

For us health of our client community is important so we try to use as much as possible organic material and are trying to gradually turn our whole sweet production to organic.

Besides, we are transparent about our materials and you can feel free to ask any thing about our ingredients that we put, including its source and we are open to sharing it.

We have done a lot of experiments to arrive at these recipes and have tried to integrate our need for celebration and diversity and taste along with the need for safety for us as well as care for the planet. We are open to receiving feedback and new ideas for more sweet recipes which are wholesome, vegan and gluten free & can be made without white sugar !

Delivery at your doorstep
We also deliver our sweets and want to create them for festivals for different communities and religions. You can expect them around christmas, eid, Diwali or Budha Purnima or make one for your own festivals. We are also making gluten free and vegan cakes You are welcome to try them, share your recipes and requests for your own customised sweets and desserts, which also satisfy our norms.

You can place your orders now from our website and we will deliver you almost anywhere in the country. Since we don’t use preservatives, we like to make stuff fresh, when we receive the orders. The courier charge will be added to the bill and to be paid by the customer as per the weight and distance for the courier. It will show you before you check out.

Courier charges are additional @ Rs 250 for upto every 500 gms of product weight. We deliver across the country.


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