Story of kaju roll


Kaju Rolls are for those who want nuts in their sweets and enjoy the more nuanced flavors of cashew!  We love kaju katli but not interested in white sugar and some times despite the claims of the sweet shop owner we find that they mix mawa too, which is also a ‘no no’ for a person on a plant based diet. 

So, we experimented with it and have come up with a healthy kaju katli with jaggery and organic cashews, which are grown organically without the use of chemicals in cultivation and storage.  


organic cashews for nuanced flavours!

We began with making kaju katli and discovered that it is sometimes difficult to parcel because it can melt and become soft in the transit. So we are coming up with another thing which is a kaju roll which is more like a kaju ladoo and has a coating of cashew powder and can reach you safely. 

At the same time we are also experimenting with a more firm version of kaju katli which can withstand a travel when it has to be parcelled. And when we are able to create it successfully we’ll let you all know for sure. 

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