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Almond Carob Brownie 
We enjoy curating healthy, safe and exciting recipes with wholesome and organic ingredients and are glad to have developed our own special Brownies at Ahimsagram.
What’s unique about it? 
Well, we use carob which tastes like chocolate but comes without caffeine. This can be had in the evenings and will not take away your sleep which happens when you take caffeine in any form, even in the cacao of the chocolate. Of course you know we are a No No to use white sugar and it does not even enter our kitchen and we use organic jaggery instead.
We also don’t allow any gluten in our kitchen, we use only millets for cookies and brownies. In brownies we donot even use any grain and its made with natural oil laden Almonds and Organic Cashews which is a which give the rich and smooth texture to the Brownie. It has a special crust with a lot of nut cuttings on it, and a nice brown Sheen, which comes from slow baking techniques. This brings a slight crunchiness on the top, and inside is soft, a perfect safe and healthy comforting dessert as a treat for you! 🙂
Our cream or dairy replacement comes from organic cashews and another principle that we have here is to not use baking powder, so some times our brownie can be dense, we have recently sourced aluminum free baking powder and will be trying brownies with that.
Apart from that, we also don’t use any aluminum vessels and, not even pressure cooking, but that’s a different matter. So, we have these policies and follow all these conditions and our products are made within that framework. There’s a structure in which we allow our flow to happen and there is a foundation which shapes our creations.

The brownie is one of such products which also abides by our principles, as we want to move towards wellness and educate people about the possibility of healthier alternatives.
The best part is that our brownies do have upto 8-10 days of shelf life. If you refrigerate and keep in an air tight container it can last much much longer. You might need to just warm it a bit before eating it.
We are also proud that we now mostly make our orders of our sweets as and when it has been requested. So they are always fresh. Even our cookies are not prepared beforehand. They are made only on request. This allows for it to be a fully customizable order. Since this is something that has been developed here, and different people have contributed in developing it as a team with different inputs, it ends up with a goodness of many hearts in it. We usually make a customized brownie of around 500 grams so as to maintain efficiency. Though you can order less also.

The fun part is that these brownies can be delivered Pan India. 

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