Jowar Peanut cookies (250g)


Our cookies are gluten free, vegan and largely organic. We use millets and jaggery to create them. We use very less oil and add wholesome nut butters for the richness in our cookies. Of course no preservatives, colours or flavouring agents!  

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Product Description

Our Jowar Cookies are gluten free, vegan and organic. We use organic cold pressed oils and that too in very low quantity. 

Jowar is a crop that grows locally with less water unlike wheat, which need more water and dams. We use ingredients which are not just healthy for you but for our mother earth too.

 For  a rich creaminess we use wholesome nuts in our cookies. 

Of course you can be assured with our products that they are without white sugar, iodised salt, trans fats, preservatives, colours, baking powder or flavouring agents, which comes in most large scale produced biscuits and cookies!  On special request, these can also be made with using sesame instead of peanuts. This can help those with nut allergies to enjoy our cookies with safety.

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Weight250 g


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