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Nutrition happens when one life form transforms into another, so the food that we eat is going to become us. Thus it’s important that the food that we eat is alive and has nutrients that our bio available. Of course our body also needs to have the time, space and energy to digest and assimilate the food, because nourishment is not about dumping some nutrients or sum total of foods in our plate or stomach but also about the capacity of the body to receive, breakdown, assimilate and eliminate it, without any accumulation of toxins. 

Ahimsagram’s  journey in food is inspired by Shammi’s journey with healing. While he was in Mumbai, more than a decade ago, leading a life with twenty cigarettes, caffeine, non veg food, maida, dairy and much more that was not meant the food that nature had customised for us. He developed symptoms which the conventional medicine calls as asthma. He took to the inhaler and soon realised it was making him weaker each day. He met many people who talked of self healing or giving the right atmosphere for the body to heal and restore itself. He has been inspired by Vinita Mansata and Vijay Venkat ji and with his journey with food and wellness inspired by the two women and their colleagues he could almost heal himself. 

This gave him faith on leading a life of wellness where we trust our body’s magical power to heal and the wonder that it is. He then decided for Ahimsagram to also become a vehicle that will offer wellness inspiring foods and lead people to seek more knowledge about their body and healing in natural ways.
We look at the food cycle of the body through its capacity to be digested, assimilate and eliminate, what we eat and give the needed nutrients. No wonder, our foods are consciously chosen to support these three process, that is why you will not see us mixing fruits with nuts in an energy bar, or cooked food with fruits like dates in cookies or cakes that are cooked, 

Ahimsagram is making different offerings, we have a wellness meals delivery program, sweet & bakery shop which also delivers on request to place all over the country, we have Ahimsa Bazar a street shop program with our first shop is at Jawahar Circle, Jaipur every day from 7 am to 9.30 am. We also take catering orders for parties and gatherings. 

At AhimsaGram, we began with using Sociocracy is a system of governance an realized that we were constantly seeking consent in almost every decision and that too while doing operations. This was very tiring for us to be hearing objections and then we came across Holacracy which showed us a clear movement strategy with distributed authority which allowed us to work together with self responsibility. We now use Holacracy actively. We believe in the spirit of experimentation and are putting our own self at stake in this experiment. Its an evolving organization which is doing a unique experiment in India. The place is built with the efforts of all those who have been with us since its inception.

You can order from the site for wellness meals as well as sweets and bakery stuff, and can contact us for catering and visit us on our street food stall at Jawahar Circle, Jaipur.

Courier charges are additional @ Rs 250 for upto every 500 gms of product weight. We deliver across the country. 

We are trying to be zero plastic in our packaging and using more and more bio degradable materiel for packaging our products for take aways, delivery in the Jaipur as well as outstation. To know more about our vision and actions about it go to click here

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