Tinos Learning Journey from Zimbabwe to Ahimsagram

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Tinos Learning Journey from Zimbabwe to Ahimsagram

We are inviting Theresa Tinotenda Mayakaza(Tino) to Ahimsagram for a two month Learning Journey to Ahimsagram, India in July, 2019.

I have met her in Zimbabwe when I visited to Kufunda Learning Village near Harare in 2009 and she was 11 years old. I had gone there with friends from all over the world as a part of Berkana Exchange’s Learning Journey to Zimbabawe. I spent around a month in Zimbabwe an spent time cooking and farming with kids there, (Know More).

She was greatly interested in cooking, organising community meals, farming, dancing, music and much more. In the last ten years, I have once in a while been in touch with her. Now she is 21, and now she thought of coming to Ahimsagram as she appreciated how we are working with Self Management and she sees it as a way to bring leadership in each individual and would like to come and spend two months while actively engaging with us and also bringing in her contributions to our community.

I am much excited to see this friendship develop over the last ten years and we creating a exchange between folks from India and Zimbabwe. We are culturally so close to each other and yet it seems so far. There is so much we can learn from each other, and from Tino, our team will learn the spirit of doing stuff with our hands and learn to see all work as equally important. I would like her to take Holacracy practices, Nonviolent Communication(NVC), conflict resolution processes and our food entrepreneurship projects from here to her community.

She needs support to travel to India and we would be glad if any of you can support her partially or fully. She needs One Thousand USD. You could either transfer the money to her or to us and we can find a way to put it for her travel. I am sharing a note, sharing her purpose and the request for support. I am also making an Fundraise Tracking Sheet for Tino(Click Here) for people to keep a track of the funds, where we will enter the name(unless someone wants the contribution to be anonymous), so any one can track the contributions and when I have collected enough to pay for the fee, people can stop from contributing to this fund. If you wish to contribute for this fund, please mail tinotendamayakaza@gmail.com or Whatsapp at +263 78 445 5082 or me at shamminanda@gmail.com or call/whatsapp at +91-9486083163.

If you think this will be a valuable project to support please write to us.
Please feel free to contact us for more details or any clarification.
Below, I am sharing a note for the fund raise made by her.

My name is Theresa Tinotenda Mayakaza, i am 21 years old and i stay i stay in Zimbabwe in a learning village called Kufunda Learning Center I am currently studying Sociology in Harare(Zimbabwe) at the University of Zimbabwe. During my summer break, i would like to do an internship at AhimsaGram in Jaipur India. I think AhimsaGram is a great community and place where I can learn a lot and contribute to my community and make the world a better place.

I like the fact that they are a self managed organisation, that supports and empowers individuals towards new life chances. The individual empowerment gives people a sense of belonging within a community and assures an individual that their voice is heard and they are of importance in the community and they can contribute creatively. By feeling accepted, important and needed at any time one can become very confident. i really like this approach, because one must feel confident within their society so as to manage to work out things they never thought they would be able to work out. I appreciate as well the fact that AhimsaGram is a place that leads towards peaceful globe of one family, that strives to meet people’s needs through this approach i am keen to experience this empowerment and learn about it in order to be able to empower others.

I am already trying to live some of the aspects of the philosophy behind AhimsaGram. Especially about conflict management. In life you face tensions and conflicts within different environments all the time. i learnt that i must change and adapt myself, and that there are different ways of dealing with conflict not fighting back. I want to get more knowledge on this topic as well as on peace building. Further, i like the aspect of holacracy which is the key issue in the community in AhimsaGram. The participation of individuals and group dynamics within organisations gives people room to feel the sense of autonomy on their area of occupation.

I am willing to learn more about aspects like holacracy,how to apply it in organisations and how to it impacts one’s personal life and self management and what it means for the community as a whole. i want to learn how i can help people around me and around the globe to become one nation of people who have enthusiasm for the same goals. I think AhimsaGram can help me on my personal learning journey. i am really inspired about their work and i hope that i can join them for an internship.

In order to reach this goal of going to AhimsaGram and bring my learned knowledge back to my community and to use it for my professional development, i need support. Therefore i am kindly asking if you are willing to help me doing an internship in india. I think our current situation in Zimbabwe needs people who have learned about the things i mentioned above and i want to be one of them.
i hope you will get an idea about my goals in life and why i need to AhimsaGram to reach my goals in life and i would really appreciate if i could go to India.

Therefore i am kindly asking for financial support as well. For the flight i will need around 800 US dollars, for the visa around USD 50 and for further travel costs and other expenses (e.g from Delhi to AhmsaGram| Jaipur) and USD150. In total i will need about USD 1000.

This is a lot of money for me, but if i get support from you and other organisations and private people i am sure that i can manage it and travel to India in June 2019.

Please consider supporting me and if you want more details do not hesitate to ask me.

Look forward to support from the community to make this happen.

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