Cashew Carob Fudge

We are proud to have created that at Ahimsagram and its a safe chocolate without the ill effects of caffeine. , it is made with organic cashews and e carob that is a nutrient rich superfood which tastes like chocolates but does not have any caffeine, so it doesn’t take your sleep away even and you can have it as a dessert after any meal. 

In a beautiful upcycled gift box made of hand made paper

Our inspiration for this food is Tahini-Pekmez combination which is common breakfast dessert in Turkey. Pekmez is a combination of thick liquid jaggery made from grape juice which is mixed with Tahini or the sesame butter. We have tried to give that texture and it is an ultimate comfort food which is also safe to have at any time of the day. 



If you are having a liking of chocolates or even stuff like Nutella, or want chocolate spreads, this would be fun for you. Besides, our cashews are organic, and free from toxic chemicals that are generally used in cashew. The creaminess of the cashew, the chocolate flavours from carob and the sweetness of organic gur creates the right combination here. 

The delight of cashew and carob to give you the creamy comfort.

So you might be aware that all our food is vegan here. And yeah it’s it can be bit addictive like some good stuff, so be careful. 😉.

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