Why do we offer sweets on Diwali ?

This is a question to ask, and we will find that we have many reasons to do so. According to Shammi – “When I pass through sweet shops during festivities and see the crowds, I think of the white sugar, the dairy, transfats, the colours and what not that would

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Story of kaju roll

    Kaju Rolls are for those who want nuts in their sweets and enjoy the more nuanced flavors of cashew!  We love kaju katli but not interested in white sugar and some times despite the claims of the sweet shop owner we find that they mix mawa too, which

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Story of Coconut Laddoo

Coconut Ladoos at Ahimsagram are inspired largely by the work of The Health Awareness Center(THAC) from Mumbai. You get them in their space in Bombay and it’s a very special treat to have them.They are made out of fresh coconut, has a certain softness and the roasting of the coconut

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Democracy Vs Sociocracy

Throughout January, facilitators Shammi Nanda, John Buck and Prem Pavitra travelled across India on a ‘Sociocracy Yatra’ sharing governance methods that makes collaboration, self-organisation, and distributed authority practical and effective.

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Our blind spot By John Buck

John Buck is an internationally recognised sociocratic consultant and CEO of the international firm, Sociocracy Consulting Group. He specialises in organisational structure, decision-making, meeting and retreat facilitation, and conflict resolution.

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