Besan Ladoo: The Ultimate Comfort Food

So, what is the story of  creation of a besan laddoo!  Here is a write up from our designer of the recipe Shammi. 
I have grown up in Punjabi family in Jaipur and now have been a vegan for around 10 years. I remember that when we were kids, every Wednesday, we used to go to the Ganesh temple and the prasad over there was a besan laddoo,  it was really exciting, the kind of texture that it had which came out of the roasting of the ghee and even the extra bit of sweetness was fun when we were kids. Also we had to stand in the line or follow some devout and generous visitors to give us more of their prasad.  So it was a treat to be there, and now there’s a certain memory that I have besan laddoo which makes it special delight for me to have it. 
So when I turned vegan and decided to not have any dairy, or animal products, besan laddoo was something that I was really longing for. We all deserve celebrations and this is one that I longed for as a vegan, when it was not easily available which was without any ghee or made in bad oils. So when we began our sweet business, I thought, why not try to make this
So we tried different options and now for sure we have one without white sugar and ghee, and instead uses coconut and gur. It  feels good to have it and it does not have the heaviness after having it. 
And oftentimes, there is a challenge that when you make the laddoos its not easy to courier it. We have now worked out a way that it stays firm after lot of disappointment and feedbacks from our customers. Interestingly some of our customers are willing to have it like a fudge even if it does not stay in shape during transit. However, we are now glad to offer them this diwali and in future too. 
We are also willing to offer it as a laddo fudge if you have a request so you will get the besan ladoo in the bottle which you can have it quietly and savour your childhood memories of this wonderful comfort food.

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