Welcome to AhimsaGram

A community space in Jaipur dreaming of a sustainable and harmonious world, while living, learning and sharing  Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Sociocracy and life-serving ways of conflict transformation (Restorative Circles).

At AhimsaGram, we believe in the spirit of collaboration and we are using Sociocracy as an enabling tool/methodology for that. It allows us to organise the team in structures where there is transparency, equivalence and efficiency in the working of the organisation. It encourages self responsibility and leadership of the individual. The team has been divided into semi-self-organized units or circles which collaborate with each other to perform all the different functions of the organization. Decisions are arrived at through mutual consent of all the team members and the power of objections is harnessed to identify and discover each other’s blind-spots and this helps propel the organization forward in a positive direction. Leadership is not looked at from a command and order perspective but is rather perceived from theservant-leadership paradigm. The role of the leader is to direct the team to implement the mutually agreed upon policy to meet the vision, mission and aim of the organisation.

Our team works together collaboratively as a unique family which takes decisions in a way that each person has the agency to influence the decisions that impact the group.  The Sociocratic process is supported by Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and/or Restorative Circles unit and as and when conflicts arise we try to work with them and understand them through. Thus, AhimsaGram is a living laboratory for living all these processes.

AhimsaGram is primarily working in the following three areas:

Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

Nonviolent Communication is a communication process developed by Marshall Rosenberg in 1960s. It is based on the idea that all human beings have the capacity for compassion and only resort to violence or behaviour that harms others when they are not able to find ways to meet their needs. It’s a way of communication which shows us how to express honestly while holding care for others. NVC empowers you to connect deeply with others and to form more compassionate relationships.


“NVC transforms potential conflicts into peaceful dialogues. Learn simple tools to defuse arguments and create compassionate connections with your family, friends and others.”

John Gray, Ph.D., author, Men are
from Mars, Women are from Venus



Sociocracy is a system of governance which blends inclusion and efficiency in its way of functioning. It allows an organisation to work on principles of consent where each individual’s wisdom is incorporated in the running of the organisation.

Around the world, people in communities, organizations, corporations, and political parties are looking for:

  • A spirit of co-creation, co-responsibility and collective ownership of decision-making
  • Efficient and meaningful ways to make collaborative decisions
  • Communication and integration between different parts of organizations and communities
  • Full transparency with safety and trust among team members.

Sociocracy is a design system that makes these goals achievable.

Its dynamic governance principles involve everyone in the organization’s decision-making processes; their voices matter equally. It is inspired by the Quakers, Cybernetics and nature’s way of operating.
At AhimsaGram, we live sociocracy and it is a living laboratory for it. Our policy decisions and our day-to-day functions and operations of each domain are done based on sociocratic principles and structures. This allows us to harness the power of consent-based decision making and “objections” are seen as ways of discovering our blind spots.

Here is an interview with John Buck by Shammi Nanda:


Restorative Circles

Restorative Circles is a conflict transformation process where the community sits together to deal with conflicts in ways which look at the restoration of what is broken. It also makes sure that everyone is equally empowered to call circles when they are in conflict or whenever they are seeing a painful conflict around them.

AhimsaGram is also a  restorative system. We look at conflict in a systemic way and have a systemic process to deal with it. Here, each one is empowered to call a circle,  to sit with the community and engage with any difficult happening in the community to look deeply and work on it in a meaningful and restorative way.

AhimsaGram is an initiative by Shammi Nanda, an NVC (Nonviolent Communication) practitioner and a film-maker.